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StayFocusedMedia™, is a full service media company located in Chicago, Illinois, specializing in compelling photography and video content. StayFocusedMedia™ was created by one half of a husband and wife team and was started in 2008. The owners, Edward and Leslie, have since created StayFocusedWeddings™ in 2014 and with the two businesses and their family, these two make a perfect duo.

Edward, a videographer and photographer, was introduced to his passion as a young boy recording family moments. Although at the time he did not realize this to be his passion, God was planting a seed in him that would blossom. He knew that this field is where he wanted and needed to be and the rest is history. He took classes, practiced shooting videos for his friends and family and even joined the production crew at his place of worship, eventually leading him to a full time position. Over the years his skills grew as well as his love for the art.

Leslie, a videographer and photographer, knew later in life that capturing life’s moments was what made her heart sing. She started out with a Fuji Film camera (which she thought was all that) capturing and documenting life’s beauty until her friend and (now) husband told her she needed to upgrade to something better. She took his advice and also attended classes to further her growth in this fascinating field. She is also on the same production crew as Edward, which is where they met, became friends, fell in love and eventually married.

Married since 2014 and growing as partners in more ways than one, they wanted something that they could do together as a family which showed their passion for the craft of videography and photography and represent what they share for each other…love and beauty.



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